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Angelina Thelin LMT

I have always had a love for helping people feel better, and I have always had a knack for finding and working out the sore spots people. I was encouraged to start  learning more and In 1987I began my Journey.

In 1987 I started my training in massage with Reflexology with Ann Armstrong of Nikko Restorative School of Massage.

 essential oils started in 1988 - starting with Melaleuca I read everything I could get my hands on in regards to tea tree oil and started reading into other oils studying many aspects to the oils and their use. 

 1997 Aromatherapy -  beginning Aromatherapy class in the subject from M. Moon. I have become very fond of using essential oils and their great a Therapeutic action it has on the body. I have even dabbled making my own blends. including a labor and delivery blend.

I started blending essential oils with reflexology finding great success in the joining. as well as other therapeutic techniques.

1998 Hurley Technique- I trained in Spinal Touch Therapy also known as 'The Hurley Technique' created by John P. Hurley. Taught by Jed Adamson Through  .
This has become one of the most loved modalities in my arsenal. It is such a gentle modality and yet facilitates so much good for the body.

 November 2004 I took another aromatherapy class from Laura Moorehead, receiving my certificate on January 2 of 2005.

2005 massage Therapy-Full massage class through the Intermountain Institute of Natural Healing. When I had finished this course, I decided to continue on and took the advanced portion for a total of 740 hours of Massage Therapy Training. including energy work, Tuina, Acupressure, laser usage and much more. 

November 2009 I completed the Family Herbalist course from Dr Christophers, School of Natural Healing.
August 2010 I completed the Nutritional Herbalist course from Dr. Christophers, School of Natural Healing.
Oct. 2010 I took a Pando Touch Healing class which is a modality using essential oils and acupressure.
April, 2011 I took EFT Level 1&2 AAMET Certified certification course from EFT Master Ann Ross
2011- current I am Currently working towards Master Herbalist level with Dr. Christophers, School of Natural Healing.

 May-June 2019 Tuning fork training, also introduced to brain tuning forks , sponsored by Jed Adamson and Intermountain university of natural healing. Taught by Jeana Pettit.

Starting in 2013 I started taking additional classes every year, often covering many subjects.





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