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Angelina Thelin LMT

I have always had a love for helping people feel better, and I have always had a knack for finding and working out the sore spots on people. When I  worked on different people, I always seemed to know what to do towork out their aches.

 I was encouraged to start  learning more and In 1987I began my Journey.

In 1987 I started my training in massage with Reflexology with Ann Armstrong of nikko Restorative School of Massage.

 stared using essential oils in 1988 - when I started into melaleuca I read everything I could get my hands on in regards to tea tree oil and started reading into other oils studying many aspects to the oils and their use. 

 1997 Aromatherapy - was drawn to a beginning Aromatherapy class in the subject from M. Moon.

I also started studying / researching some Massage techniques, and herbology.

I have become very fond of using essential oils and the great a Therapeutic action it has on the body. I have even made my own blends.

I discovered a great synergistic relationship when I would use essential oils with reflexology. I have even used Aromatherapy and some massage techniques when I gave birth to my youngest daughter in 1998. The Nurses were very upset and on edge when I announced I was going to use massage, reflexology and aromatherapy oils. many seemed aloof and hard to find. I feel it was the easiest birth out of the five of my children.

I found out later as to why there was such an issue with the staff at the hospital, they had a mother who came in and demanded to have peppermint oil massaged on her and then on her baby with no carrier oils at all. It took them 3 months or so to get rid of the smell. The head nurse came and told me about the situation, appologised for their reaction and asked me to show her how to do what I did and asked for some of the oil blend I made for my labor.

1998 Hurley Technique- I trained in Spinal Touch Therapy also known as 'The Hurley Technique' created by John P. Hurley. Taught by Jed Adamson Through  .
This has become one of the most loved modalities in my arsenal. It is such a gentle modality and yet facilitates so much good for the body.

 November 2004 I took another aromatherapy class from Laura Moorehead, receiving my certificate on January 2 of 2005.

2005 massage Therapy- I had the opportunity to take a full massage class through the Intermountain Institute of Natural Healing. When I had finished this course, I decided to continue on and took the advanced portion for a total of 740 hours of Massage Therapy Training.

November 2009 I completed the Family Herbalist course from Dr Christophers, School of Natural Healing.

August 2010 I completed the Nutritional Herbalist course from Dr. Christophers, School of Natural Healing.

Oct. 2010 I took a Pando Touch Healing class which is a modality using essential oils and acupressure.

April, 2011 I took EFT Level 1&2 AAMET Certified certification course from EFT Master Ann Ross

2011- current I am Currently working towards Master Herbalist level with Dr. Christophers, School of Natural Healing.  





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